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Guide To Gwinnett: Churches, Causes & Support

What do Harry Houdini, Halle Berry, Jewel, and Dr. Phil all have in common? They were all homeless at one point in their lives.

We’ve all had experiences when it felt like life was kicking us in the shins or punching us in the gut. Our car breaks down or our job is eliminated. We NEED help.

When our best friend suffers from bouts of depression, our neighbor’s child is diagnosed with cancer, or we read about a family whose house burned down, we WANT to help.

We can all only dream to be as influential as Scott Hudgens, the founder of the Scott Hudgens Family Foundation, an organization helping charities throughout Gwinnett.

It doesn’t take a lot to give back. A quote by Margaret Mead says, Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed its the only thing that ever has. Helping hands strengthen and make our community more dynamic.

g2g2016-ChurchesEtc-AnnandaleAnnandale Village has over 45 years helping adults with developmental disabilities live fulfilled lives by providing residential, health, and social services, plus independent living services.


According to World Cancer Research Fund International, America is sixth in the world for countries with the highest cancer cases. Luckily for us, Gwinnett has ranked number one in the world for Relay For Life fundraising efforts. In the last 31 years, our Relay For Life team has raised over $35 million to fund patient services and cutting-edge research.

Each year, thousands volunteer to help with projects ranging from staffing community events, to painting and repairing buildings, installing playground sets, and cleaning up nature trails as part of Gwinnett’s Great Days of Service. In 2015, there were 97,000 volunteers who donated a combined 339,000 hours for an economic impact of $7.6 million.

From charities to churches, Gwinnett is filled with people and organizations willing to help. After all some of the most famous people in the world were homeless, and all they needed was a chance. Where will you lend a helping hand?


A Helping Hand When You’re in Need

Community services
Community Foundation for Northeast Georgia






Cancer Causes
Relay for Life (American Cancer Society)


Food and Shelter
Friends of Gwinnett County Senior Services


Job Transition
Library Job Search (Perimeter Church in Duluth is part of this ministry)


Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, Temples

Find the right church for you at or search Gwinnett synagogues, mosques, temples at


Animal Rescue, Rehab and Adoption
Look under Animal Welfare at