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Guide To Gwinnett: Government

Serving a growing population that is fast approaching one million people spread across 437 square miles, Gwinnett County government is an appropriately vast and complex operation.

g2g2016-Govt-JusticeBldgCounty government provides residents with essential services and infrastructure, funded by tax revenue. This includes everything from health and human services to roads and transportation to emergency services and public safety, and scores of necessary functions in between.

The Gwinnett Justice & Administration Center is home to most county government offices and is located at 75 Langley Drive, Lawrenceville, GA 30046.

The elected branch of Gwinnett County government is the Board of Commissioners which includes four district commissioners and a chairman, all elected by residents. The Board sets direction and formulates policies for the county government, adopts the budget, authorizes expenditures, and approves or disapproves specific actions, such as rezoning of private property.

Working alongside the Board of Commissioners is the County Administrators office. The County Administrator, a non-elected position, serves as the Chief Executive Assistant to the Board and oversees the running of 12 county departments, including transportation, planning, the courts, water resources, emergency services and more.

There are 13 different Boards, Authorities, and Committees in Gwinnett such as the Housing Authority. For more information about how to attend these meetings go to

The Gwinnett County government website is a great source of comprehensive information at

Separate from Gwinnett County government, each of Gwinnett’s 16 municipalities has an elected mayor and provides a certain range of services for residents who live within city limits. Many of the larger cities also have a city manager to oversee city departments and services, functioning much like the county administrator does. If you’re a resident of one of Gwinnett’s cities, visit your city website to learn more about municipal services and departments.