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Gwinnett Cities By Personality Type!

Hey Gwinnett! What’s your opinion?

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Have you ever thought about what personality type your city has? Probably not.
But with all the different personality tests that get circulated these days, it was a question that recently came up here at Gwinnett Magazine and it led to a pretty fun conversation amongst our staff.

One of the most popular personality tests these days is the Enneagram Indicator. For those who aren’t familiar, the Enneagram is for people and usually not for places. It’s mostly used for personal self-knowledge and personality development.  Enneagram types offer a powerful tool for better understanding your core motivations and applying that knowledge to all areas of your life, including conflict resolution, team dynamics, leadership and emotional intelligence. While we all know it would be impossible to label an “entire” community with just one label, we thought it might be fun to try with our Gwinnett cities. If you haven’t heard of the Enneagram, we will try to explain each personality type along the way, so don’t worry.

No doubt you can find traits in all 9 of the Enneagram types in every city- so we’re taking a stab at what first comes to mind.

Check out our thoughts and then we’d love to hear from our GMAG readers:

“If your city was an Enneagram… Which type do you think most describes your city and why?

Type 1: Buford

Enneagram Type 1s are called the “Perfectionists” and they are the great improvers of the world. 1’s commit to making things better. When they’re healthy, they make a tremendous contribution to the organizations and people they love.

Buford is often described as principled, purposeful, self-controlled and they tend to do things their own way. Sounds like Type 1 to us! When it comes to seeking perfection there is no better example than their world class school system. In the rankings for academics, art and sports, Buford City Schools is usually found near the top of those lists. The demand to get a student into the school system drives the city’s real estate market and helps restaurants and businesses thrive. The huge shopping district found at “The Mall of Georgia” provides anything you might ever want. Not to mention that its downtown, being near the shore of Lake Lanier, helps its residents to feel they are truly living in a place like no other. Just PERFECT.

Another city with the careful planning of a Type 1 might be found in Sugar Hill. It is ever expanding and becoming its own unique city by building on its strengths.

Type 2:  Dacula

When an Enneagram 2 walks into a room they immediately think about what they can do to help others get what they need. They’re called the “Helpers” and have the incredible gift of being attuned to what people need and how they can help. 

If Enneagram 2 were a city in Gwinnett it would be Dacula. Sometimes Dacula gets overlooked when compared to other cities in Gwinnett, but you can’t miss the way it seems to always focus on helping others. The community provides assistance, spiritual guidance, and education along with its comfortable neighborhoods.  Located in the center of Georgia’s Innovation Crescent, Dacula is set for growth as Rowen, a world class research park and innovation district, begins its early development. A strong cluster of GCPS schools also center the city with an elementary, middle and high school helping students learn less than a mile away from one another. The city is also home to one of the largest addiction treatment centers in the southeast, Good Landing Recovery, truly focused on helping our county in a critically important way. In the past, the city’s growth during the late 1990s and early 2000s was largely due to the presence of its largest church, Hebron Church and their private school Hebron Christian Academy. 

Type 3: Lawrenceville 

Type 3s are productivity machines. Since they focus all their attention on setting and accomplishing goals, they are incredibly valuable to have in any organization. They are often called the “Achievers” or the “Performers” and they are the most productive number on the diagram. They love to stay active and build forward momentum wherever they go. They are fantastic folks to have in your life and especially in your workplace.

If 3 were a city it would have to be the county seat. I mean, it just would be. In Gwinnett, Lawrenceville is the county seat. Lawrenceville address’s stretch from the Sugarloaf Mills Mall area to the only Airport in the county and also include two colleges, a couple breweries, and hundreds of great places to eat, work and eat some more. Lawrenceville is also home to Gwinnett’s Justice and Administration Center.  We could talk about their new 35 million dollar performing arts center or all the growth and innovation in the city’s entertainment district, but honestly it would most likely be outdated by the time we finished typing. There is always something brand new in the works! Lawrenceville is a 3, no question. 

Type 4: Norcross

Enneagram 4s are the most emotional number on the Enneagram and love to express themselves creatively. Their artistic nature makes them great at balancing out intense or aggressive people. They are the artists and romantics on the Enneagram.

If 4 were a city, Norcross would be a clear winner. Often called “A Place To Imagine” the city is home to some of the most artistically innovative businesses in the county. Hollywood friendly, Eagle Rock Studios and the OFS movie studio campus can be found in Norcross. The city itself has a thriving arts community and its own Lionheart Theatre, a community theater company. The downtown area is full of historic homes, shopping and dining and many entertainment options for residents and visitors alike.

Type 5:  Peachtree Corners

Enneagram 5s value intellectual understanding and would rather spend their time researching everything than having a conversation about their emotions. When they’re in a healthy space, they are perceptive and devoted people whose cynical sense of humor can keep you laughing for days.

If type 5 were a city in Gwinnett it would be Peachtree Corners, no cap! The city was incorporated not so long ago in 2012 on ambition and drive. They are known for their research and technology developments, business parks, and incubators located in unique live work and play environments. Most notably they are known for the city’s “Curiosity Lab,” a city owned and operated living lab designed to advance intelligent mobility and smart city technology.  With over 43,000 residents, the drive of the citizenry alone has built a city and town center with a clear identity seemingly overnight. Their value on all things intellectual makes Gwinnett even greater! 

Type 6: Lilburn

Enneagram Type 6s are called the “Loyalists” and like their name suggests, are the most loyal type on the Enneagram. They’re also incredible at anticipating problems and coming up with solutions. 

With its “Old Town” branding the loyalist in the group really isn’t that hard to spot! Lilburn’s early development was rooted in the railroad. First on the scene in 1910, the city has tried to preserve the “Old Town” vibe of yesteryear in more ways than one. Beyond its creative branding, the city stays consistent with its lovely historic downtown area, chill parks, and growing neighborhoods that reflect small town charm right down to the tree-lined streets. Even with the growth and sprawling developments that surround it, you can trust Lilburn to remain Lilburn in all the community strives to be. Loyal, to say the least!

Other Type 6 cities might be Auburn and Berkeley Lake

Type 7: Braselton

Enneagram Type 7s are called the “Enthusiasts” and they are the “joy bombs” of the Enneagram. They’re outgoing, upbeat and see the bright side in everything. Fun is the most important thing for the Enneagram 7. Their addiction to enthusiasm makes them a blast to be around!
“Welcome to wine country!” If that’s not something a Type 7 would say we don’t know what is. Braselton provides all kinds of fun from its unbelievable resort, golf course, and winery at Chateau Elan to its downtown area with popular spots like Cotton Calf and Local Station providing good times and great eats. You know what else is fun? How ‘bout golf carts driving everywhere on the city’s LifePath or the free trolley rides to restaurants or the winery? Not only is this city fun and full of enthusiasm but it is located at the crossroads of several transportation corridors that lead to Atlanta, Athens and Greenville, which have proven to be a logistical advantage for industrial warehouses and major companies. Going extra, Northeast Georgia Medical Center also operates a new first-class hospital in Braselton. All these additions add thousands of jobs to the area, spurring more growth, and even more fun!

Type 8: Suwanee

Type 8s are the most energetic and intense type on the Enneagram. They like to do things their way and can be seen as intimidating. While their intensity can be misapplied, you want healthy 8s around you because they’ll protect the people they care about and fight for justice at all costs.

Suwanee continues to be recognized by several national publications as “Best Place” to live and raise families. When you think about traits like, “energetic and intense,” think about the 19,000 residents enjoying over 40 community events every year in Town Center! Think about the more than 500 acres of parkland and the miles of walking and biking trails in Suwanee Creek Greenway & Town center! Think about its “Hall of Justice” shaped City Hall that was built in 2009 to center the city and the constant new developments! Pretty intense huh?!

Another Type 8 City might be the powerhouse that is Snellville, “Where Everybody is Proud To Be Somebody.”

Type 9: Duluth

Enneagram Type 9s, the “Peacemakers”, are some of the most grounded and balanced people you’ll ever meet. Their gift is seeing all points of view, which makes them a valuable part of any community. Like all numbers, when they’re healthy, 9s are fantastic human beings to surround yourself with — at work and in your life.
If Type 9 were a city in Gwinnett, we think it’d be Duluth. When we think of Duluth, we think of a city that makes a place for all of its people. Downtown you’ll find events, public art, and interactive installations that fit all points of view and that makes them special. Eddie Owens Red Clay Theater provides nationally recognized singer/songwriter entertainment you can’t find anywhere outside of Nashville or a major city. Tree Sound Studios and Rodney Mills Masterhouse have also been making music a big deal there for decades. There are over 200 restaurants and bars that can be found in Duluth with menus as diverse as its citizenry. But really the city’s own tagline screams Type 9, “Just be. Be you. Be Duluth.”

Keeping the balance and grounded theme of the Type 9, we might also consider Loganville here, known as the town “Where People Matter.”

So, that’s our take! Of course, as the Enneagram suggests, we all have different points of view so we’d love to hear your take! Let us know more about your favorite Gwinnett city and what number you think makes for the best fit!