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Gwinnett County Has a Proposed New Logo

Gwinnett County has a proposed new logo, developed as part of the county’s comprehensive branding project.

The leading design concept was presented this week in a briefing meeting to county commissioners by architecture and design firm Perkins+Will, who is working with the county on the project.

This is the first re-design of the county’s logo and seal since the 1980s. Joe Sorenson, Gwinnett County Government Communications Director, said county leaders were looking for a representation of where Gwinnett is today rather than what the current seal provided.

“When you represent Gwinnett out of state and even out of the country, you want a visual that speaks to who we are today,” said Sorenson, noting that in economic development circles, it’s important that Gwinnett stand out and communicate its great strengths.

The proposed logo was developed through months of stakeholder input. “We identified folks inside the government and out, folks from our school system, the Chamber, our hospital systems, the media and those with all types of professional backgrounds.” These stakeholders met for several day-long sessions to share ideas and offer input.

The firm also polled about 2,500+ residents about what values and attributes they thought best reflected Gwinnett. The top three concepts that those polled said should be reflected were:

  1. Gwinnett’s quality of life and strong sense of community
  2. Opportunities, innovation and progressiveness
  3. Excellence and success

Although mentioned, history and heritage were among the last factors respondents mentioned.

“Most importantly, people thought the logo should speak to where we are now and where we aspire to be,” said Sorenson.

The “Vibrantly Connected” line, says Sorenson, accurately reflects Gwinnett today. “We have this amazing diversity that makes us so strong. We have so many different perspectives that shape us and benefit us. We are vibrantly connected to one another… and to the other countries that we now do business with. We anticipated input from the public and we’ll be including that feedback in the final design,” he said.

The next step will be to present a final logo design to the Board of Commissioners for a vote of approval, said Sorenson.