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Gwinnett County: Welcoming the World

This issue of Gwinnett Magazine focuses on all things Gwinnett. So whether you are a new resident or a native, it’s a great time to take a fresh look at your community.

If you are a new arrival to Gwinnett, I’m sure you’ll find things you like and things you don’t, but I hope you’ll find at least a few things you absolutely love. And even if you have lived here your entire life, it’s likely that you discover new things about Gwinnett County all the time.

Our nearly 900,000 people put us ahead of five states in population. And we all live right here within a 437-square-mile boundary. We speak dozens of languages and some of us like food and music that are totally unfamiliar to the rest of us. You’ll find lots of restaurants, festivals, arts and cultural exhibits, sporting events, and other ways to learn about your neighbors. There’s something happening nearly every weekend, and I hope you’ll say yes every chance you get.

Our 10,000-acre park system gives us real bragging rights. I think everyone can appreciate the natural beauty of the outdoors and a mild climate that allows outdoor activity most of the year. Full of abundant leisure and sports activities, our parks are great places to visit with your neighbors.

Another great way to get involved in the community is to volunteer. We’ve made it easy to sign up online at where you can check out opportunities at your leisure and sign up when you’re ready. You’ll find ways to use your talents and get to know other people with similar interests.

You might also want to get involved in a community outreach program. One of the County’s newest programs is a 10-week citizens academy called Gwinnett 101 where you interact with government leaders, visit county facilities, and network with other residents. In addition, our police and fire departments both offer citizens academies to learn more about their operations. Find details about these programs at

I have lived my entire life here in Gwinnett County, yet I still learn something new and exciting about this community every day. If you’re making a new beginning here or you’ve been here for a long time, I encourage you to get involved and take advantage of all the opportunities in this place we call home.