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Gwinnett Countys Community Improvement Districts

From their earliest inception more than a decade ago, Gwinnett’s Community Improvement Districts have had an integral and positive impact on the county’s economic development.

A CID is an organization created to cover a specific geographical area with certain limited taxing powers. These additional tax revenues are spent on area improvements such as roads. Georgia law regulates the creation of CIDs by requiring voluntary participation by a certain portion of property owners with a certain portion of the tax value in the area. (

The additional tax is collected by the Gwinnett County tax commissioner, but a CID is actually created by the majority of the area’s property owners who essentially agree to tax themselves to fund improvements to the area. A CID is created by state law.

Gwinnett County’s Board of Commissioners continues to support the formation and operation of CIDs as a critical means to engage community property owners in the redevelopment and reinvigoration of revitalization areas.

The county now has five CIDs from the first, Evermore, established in 2003, to the newest, Sugarloaf, established in 2016.

Evermore CID
Executive Director: Jim Brooks

Gwinnett Place CID
Executive Director: Joe Allen

Gwinnett Village CID
Executive Director:
Marsha Anderson Bomar, AICP, ENV SP

Lilburn CID
Executive Director: Emory Morsberger

Sugarloaf CID
Executive Director: Alyssa Davis


Small Investment. Big Improvement.


Big_2The Gwinnett Place Community Improvement District (CID) is a self-taxing district that uses additional property taxes to accelerate infrastructure improvements, security enhancements and economic development initiatives. The CID is leading the effort to expedite mobility, quality of life and economic improvement strategies for the benefit of businesses, employees and visitors to Gwinnetts central business district. Through partnerships with Gwinnett County Government, the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce, the State of Georgia and others, the CID has a proven track record of improvements that are transforming Gwinnett Place.

Initiatives of the Gwinnett Place CID

  • Job growing tax credits/incentives (Opportunity Zone)
  • Daily security patrols: Double digit crime reduction in CID
  • Weekday landscaping and area clean-up crews: Remove 30+ tons of trash each year and thousands of illegal signs
  • Redevelopment Overlay District in place
  • Tax increment financing now available for redevelopment projects
  • Coordinated media outreach campaign
  • Area Transportation Infrastructure Investment Plan
  • Transit mobility options
  • ACTivate Gwinnett Place Master Plan
    • Connectivity to McDaniel Farm Park
    • Roadway improvements
    • Trails
    • Storm water improvements

GPCID Profile:

  • Formed in 2005 as the second CID in Gwinnett County
  • One of 25 metro Atlanta CIDs
  • CID expanded in 2007, 2015 and 2016
  • Currently has 239 participating parcels

Current Board Members and Business/Company Affiliation

Leo Wiener Board Chairman, Ackerman & Co.

James Song Board Vice-Chair, CRJ, Inc

Mark Williams Board Secretary/Treasurer, Printing Trade Company

Jill Edwards Board Member, Wells Fargo

Craig Kaufman Board Member, Kaufman Realty Group

Andy Sumlin Board Member, Cushman & Wakefield

Jeonghwa June Lee Board Member, Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough

Gwinnett Place CID brings Millions
in Transportation Project Investments

The CID has advocated and facilitated for the implementation of several projects that have enhanced the Greater Gwinnett Place area, including:

  • I-85 at Pleasant Hill Road Diverging Diamond Interchange
  • Intersection Improvement Projects:
    • Gwinnett Place Drive at Pleasant Hill Road
    • Pleasant Hill Road at Club Drive
    • Day Drive at Venture Drive
    • Market Street at Mall Boulevard
    • Steve Reynolds Boulevard at Venture Drive
    • Pleasant Hill Road at Breckinridge Boulevard
    • More in the works
  • Miles of new sidewalks and streetscapes
  • Traffic responsive synchronization throughout area

Leverage CID Funds:
Transportation projects yield a 8:1 return on investment.

Future Transportation Projects

  • Intersection improvements at Breckinridge Boulevard and Old Norcross Road
  • West Liddell Road to Club Drive Connector over I-85
  • Koger Boulevard at Pleasant Hill Road
  • Pleasant Hill Road at Satellite Boulevard
  • Pleasant Hill Road at Sweetwater Road
  • Pleasant Hill Road at I-85 collector distributor lane improvements
  • Venture Drive widening
  • Mall Boulevard/Gwinnett Place Drive bike/pedestrian enhancements
  • Commerce Avenue Multi-Use Path
  • Old Norcross Road Multi-Use Path
  • Transit Center Improvements
  • Additional streetlights throughout area
  • Pedestrian crossing safety modifications

Planning for the Future

  • Area redevelopment strategies
  • Transportation investment master plan
  • Mixed-use development plans
  • Catalyst site redevelopment plans
  • I-85 transit plans

For more information, please contact:

Gwinnett Place CID

Joe Allen, Executive Director



Nickel Works Consulting

Nicole McGhee Hall

Nickel Works Consulting, LLC


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