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Guide to Gwinnett: Gwinnett Government – Welcoming You

As Gwinnett County’s population approaches a million residents, we pride ourselves on the outstanding quality of life we have achieved.

Our great location, warm climate, excellent schools, wide range of housing, shopping and dining options, variety of arts, entertainment and sports facilities, available jobs, and great diversity go hand-in-hand with the basic infrastructure provided by local governments.

County government maintains thousands of miles of roads and an intricate network of water and sewer pipes that serve the people of Gwinnett. There are 16 cities within our 437 square miles, yet 75 percent of our population lives in unincorporated areas, and county government provides many services countywide.

Gwinnett’s strong, fiscally conservative county government also
provides excellent police and fire protection, transportation, planning and development, courts and criminal justice facilities plus nationally recognized parks and libraries.

Award-winning outreach programs connect people from all walks of life to their local government, welcoming newcomers and offering ways to get involved in the community.

Our very successful economic development program, called Partnership Gwinnett, brings together public and private sectors to bring in new jobs and investments and help existing businesses thrive and grow.

In one of the most diverse communities in the Southeast, Gwinnett residents speak more than a hundred languages. That combined with major research universities nearby and a skilled workforce makes Gwinnett an attractive place for international businesses to locate their North American headquarters or manufacturing facilities.

An article on our bicentennial celebration throughout 2018 is included in this issue so you can think of ways to help us meet this milestone in our history.

It’s hard to imagine today that our population didn’t reach 100,000 until about 50 years ago. That’s why most of Gwinnett looks so fresh and new – because most of what you see has been built on former farm land within the past few decades. Fortunately, we have preserved many historic buildings and thousands of acres of greenspace along the way to help remind us of how far we’ve come.

With two coasts an easy drive to the south and mountains to the north, we are situated in just about the perfect location. And we’re vibrantly connected to the rest of the world with easy access to three interstate highways and the world’s busiest airport.

Those factors and many more make our highly diverse county exceptional and attractive. Gwinnett County is truly a great place to live, work, play, learn, and raise a family.