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Gwinnett Magazine’s 20th Anniversary Guide to Gwinnett

Gwinnett Magazine is kicking off its anniversary celebration with the biggest Guide to Gwinnett in its 20-year history, publishing in September.

Since the first issue was published in July 1997, Gwinnett Magazine has become a well-known part of the Gwinnett community. The magazine, with special issues like the Best of Gwinnett, The Guide to Gwinnett and People to Know, is eagerly awaited by the largest readership of any regional magazine in the area.

The magazine was founded by Gwinnett-native David Greer. “It’s not that the idea of a magazine was rocket science, but the timing felt right to me on a gut level. I looked at it like more of a community-building project than a publication and one that hit close to home since I’d been here all my life.”

“Our mission has remained the same all these years to tell the good news of Gwinnett. We want to highlight as many of our remarkable residents as we can, shine a spotlight on some great charitable and civic organizations, and be a champion for small business,” says Greer.

“I remember when we started the magazine and were pitching the idea to The Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce and local officials. Somebody asked me — won’t you run out of stuff to write about? My answer then is pretty much the same as it is today. A resounding no! There’s a story on every corner,” he adds.

The first issue rolled off the presses with a cover featuring a couple on the 11thgreen at Sugarloaf Country Club. ButGreers most memorable cover was that of former Governor George Busbee.

“He was a gentleman, of course, and took me to his man cave where he had a dark room and photography. He was quite the photographer himself and sort of directed his own photoshoot, not hesitating to give direction to our photographer. He showed me handwritten notes from his buddy Ansel Adams, the renowned photographer. Talking shop with the Governor while shooting at his home was a highlight.”

Another high point for Greer isGwinnett Magazines community support.The magazine was a catalyst in the launch of the Heroes Project. This is a great way to show support on a local level, and we continue to make friends and celebrate survivors and our Heroes every year, Greer says.

Two decades after that first issue, Gwinnett Magazine will kick-off its anniversary celebration with an innovativeGuide to Gwinnett, a print and digital publication that offers more; more circulation, more features, and more ways for advertisers to reach potential customers than could have possibly been foreseen in 97.

All communication starts with a story, and it’s been our privilege to tell the stories of Gwinnett for 20 years, concludes Greer.