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Gwinnett Magazine Heroes Project 2016: Jennifer Potts

“It made me a stronger person.”
– Jennifer Potts

JenniferCancer survivor Jennifer Potts hadn’t even had her first mammogram yet when she discovered a lump in her right breast. What should have been a routine initial mammogram escalated into a frightening series of diagnostic scans resulting in a breast cancer diagnosis.

She sought out a second opinion and recalls how many positive items were in her diagnosis: the cancer was caught early, it wasn’t in lymph nodes and if there is such a thing as a “good” cancer to have, Potts had it. Positivity became a recurring theme during her various therapies and she had them all — surgery, chemo
and radiation.

Emphasizing the importance of a positive atmosphere, Potts recommends staying mentally healthy by filtering what you read and hear. “Keep yourself around encouraging people and stay busy,” she advises. She continued working as an account manager and received support from friends and family which strengthened Potts to endure treatment. “It made me a stronger person,” she said.

She celebrates her end-of-treatment anniversary every August. This year’s cancer anniversary also falls on her 50th birthday making it a double blessing. Potts attributes her faith in God to her survival. “He’s taking care of me, I’m not going to be angry. There are reasons for this in the end even if I can’t see it. It’s for the best.”