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Gwinnett Magazine Heroes Project 2016: Scott Schoenthal

“I’ve received unbelievable support from people I’ve never met.”
– Scott Schoenthal

ScottIt didn’t seem like such a big deal the first two times Scott Schoenthal was diagnosed with cancer, initially when he was 18 and again in his early 20s.

But Scott describes finding out in 2013 that he had a recurrence of testicular cancer as an “Oh, crap!” moment. The 33-year-old now had a wife, two young children, and a new job with health insurance that had yet to kick in.

His sister-in-law set up a crowdfunding donation page for Scott and asked people to help. Within a few months, nearly $90,000 was raised. Even more importantly, the outpouring of support gave Scott and his family a renewed sense of hope. Scott understands the true meaning of the phrase “it takes a village.”

While his battle with cancer continues, Scott’s goal is to pay forward the love and support he has received. He says, “It helps me to focus on the needs of others.” Scott and his wife have set up a nonprofit and his family actively supports Relay for Life.