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Holiday Volunteer Opportunities at North Gwinnett Co-Op

It’s the giving time of year again, and North Gwinnett Co-Op has a few great ideas for how you can help your community this holiday season.


For the 2016 holiday season, the North Gwinnett Co-Op distributed over 1,500 holiday meals to our community. Pre-approved families of the North Gwinnett Co-Op are offered a holiday meal box at Thanksgiving and at Christmas. This year the North Gwinnett Co-Op plans on distributing over 1,700 meal boxes to the community for the Holidays.

To donate a Holiday Meal Box a donor may:

  1. Donate the items needed for the meal box (listed at and Co-Op volunteers will the assemble box.
  2. Make a donation of $50 to sponsor a holiday meal box for a family. Sponsor a meal box here:
  3. Pick up empty meal box from Co-Op, pack box with required items and return packed box to Co-Op.

When donating a meal box, please:

  • Leave box unsealed.
  • Complete a meal box label. Each meal box will have a donation label. The label lets the recipient of the meal box know who donated their meal box. Donors can write their name, company, etc. on the label.
  • Do not pack gift card in box – turn gift cards in when donating the meal box.
  • If you can’t drop off meal box during operating hours, please schedule a drop off time with Kim.
  • Thanksgiving Meal Boxes Due by Friday, Nov. 17th
  • Christmas Meal Boxes Due by Friday, Dec. 15th


Child Sponsorships:

Sponsors will receive the child’s name and identification number, their sizes, favorite color and a few ideas for clothing needs and toys. We ask that sponsors provide a minimum of five items for the child they are sponsoring.

  • A winter coat (if needed)
  • Set of pajamas
  • One outfit for school or church
  • One pair of shoes
  • A toy, not to exceed $30.00 (The North Gwinnett Co-Op is partnering with a few other agencies that will be providing other toys for the children as well.)

Senior Sponsorships (clients over the age of 60):

Sponsors will receive the senior’s name and identification number, their sizes, favorite color and a few ideas for gifts. Please note that our seniors don’t generally ask for a lot, so there may only be a few items on the list. We ask sponsors to provide a minimum of three items for the senior they are sponsoring:

  • A winter coat (if needed)
  • Robe and/or pajamas
  • Clothing or household Need
  • One pair of shoes (if needed)
  • Needed personal care items


  • Should be delivered to the Co-Op by Friday, December 15, 2017.
  • Gifts should be wrapped & labeled with the child/senior’s name and ID # on EACH item.
  • You may put gift receipts in an envelope with the child/senior’s ID# on the outside of the envelope. Kim will give the envelope to parents if needed/requested.
  • No used items.
  • Client confidentiality is a must. Sponsors will not be able to meet the family/individual they are sponsoring.