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Hope Clinic: Choosing Compassion Over Costs

You might not remember what you talked about last time you went to the doctor or urgent care, but chances are, you definitely remember the bill. It’s tricky to find health care that fits your budget, with or without insurance – so much so that “affordable healthcare” can start to sound like an oxymoron.

That’s why the Lawrenceville-based Hope Clinic is a saving grace of the healthcare industry. For nearly 20 years, their team of accomplished medical professionals has provided high-quality, comprehensive medical care to the uninsured and underinsured at low (and sometimes no) cost.

How do they do it? After practicing internal medicine for 29 years, Dr. William Martin and his wife were called to found the Hope Clinic in 2002 after realizing the critical need for medical care for the chronically ill uninsured. Through hard work, steadfast faith and support from the community, their compassionate team has built a clinic where patients are treated with utmost respect and kindness regardless of their language, national origin or ability to pay.

In today’s video, meet the amazing medical professionals behind the Hope Clinic and discover how they make it all happen!