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Lighthouse Express Car Wash: Smiles, Service & Squeaky Clean Suds!

We’ve all been there: you’re getting in the car only to find that it looks like a tornado tore through it since last time you drove! Whether you’re on your way to a special occasion, navigating your typical commute or kicking off a lengthy road trip, a messy car can put a damper on our day and make our minds feel cluttered. Especially if you have hyper kids or four-legged friends, it can feel inevitable!

There’s nothin’ better than that squeaky-clean-car feeling to make us refreshed, relaxed and focused while behind the wheel. It can even take us back in time to when we first drove it off the lot!

Bringing back that new car feeling is what Brian Hah and his team at Lighthouse Express Car Wash are all about! Brian has been washing cars since high school, following in his father’s footsteps and following his passion to serve others and brighten the days of drivers from all across Gwinnett.

In today’s video, hear Brian Hah’s inspiring story about what motivates him to serve others and get to know the kind, conscientious team behind Lighthouse Express Car Wash. Plus, get a tour of their eco-friendly drive-thru car wash (with lava foam and rainbow lights to keep the kids entertained)!