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Hope Clinic – Where Every Patient Matters

“At the Hope Clinic, we give each patient our full attention and spend as much time as needed to learn about other factors contributing to their health challenges,” says Jennie Mathen, Hope Clinic’s nurse practitioner. “It’s not unusual for a patient to comment, ‘You’re so thorough’ or ‘You’re the first medical provider to ask me all those questions.'”

In addition to seeing patients, making assessments and prescribing treatments, Mathen leads the clinic’s Chronic Care Management Program. Combined with support groups, the free-to-patients program offers classes and one-on-one appointments with a nurse to answer questions that have come up since their last appointment.

Previously a hospital cardiac nurse, Mathen was introduced to the Hope Clinic while doing a clinical rotation for her advanced degree. She says, “What I do here makes a difference in patient’s lives – I can see it. It’s so rewarding when a patient feels comfortable sharing the difficulties they are facing and together we come up with a plan for improving their health.”

She credits the Hope Clinic’s physicians, Drs. Martin and Greenberg, with setting the example of compassion and care. From the upbeat front office staff to the dedicated nurses to attentive medical providers, every patient feels welcomed. A patient recently commented, “I feel like my life truly matters.”

The Hope Clinic provides quality medical care to those with limited or no access to healthcare without regard to their ability
to pay. With the support of community grants and individual contributions, the clinic has donated over $8,000,000 in
medical care since 2002.

Visit us at or call
404-399-7735 to aid in their mission with a donation or an in-kind gift.

121 Langley Drive
Lawrenceville GA 30046