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Hot Careers: Fire and School Partnership Creates Job Training Success

There is a long-standing commitment to developing today’s youth to become future firefighter/paramedics in the Gwinnett County Department of Fire and Emergency Services (GCFES).

A robust partnership with Maxwell High School of Technology offers fire service and emergency medical responder courses to students. Firefighters and paramedics work with students to teach them fire incident operations and pre-hospital emergency care.

The department plays a significant role at the school by providing students with classroom instruction and practical labs at Fire Station 20, which is located next to the school. Participation in the program is a win-win for the school system and the fire department as students work toward their chosen career field.

Additionally, GCFES senior management staff conducts mock job interview sessions annually with students to increase their marketability, which further enhances the career success for both students and public-safety professionals. The addition of a $600,000 training tower at the school solidifies the enduring commitment to excellence for both organizations.