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SeniorBSafe: Firefighters and Community Volunteers Make the Living Environment Safe For Seniors

The Gwinnett County Department of Fire and Emergency Services (GCFES) offers an array of fire and life safety programs aimed at keeping the community safe. The SeniorBSafe program uses fire service professionals and community volunteers to conduct home safety surveys in private dwellings where seniors live. Fire service professionals will check and/or install safety equipment such as smoke alarms, smart burners, motion lighting, carbon monoxide detectors and file of life – all aimed at reducing the number of unintentional injuries and deaths to seniors by creating a safe living environment.

Increased lighting in stairwells and interior hallways can prevent slip, trip and fall injuries. Working smoke alarms and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors provide early warning and gives added time to escape during a fire or CO emergency. The smart burner technology in the kitchen helps to prevent cooking-related fires in the home.

To schedule a community presentation or a home safety visit for seniors, call 678-518-4845 or e-mail