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Immersed in Culture: Chinese Club

GSMST offers a variety of clubs to help students get involved and engaged in their community and the world around them, one of which is the GSMST Chinese Club. Chinese club meets every other week on Wednesdays (3:10 – 4:00 p.m.) and offers students a chance to experience new traditions and foods in the locality of their own school. Today’s meeting involved cooking scallion pancakes, something that many students don’t normally do at home or get to try. Scallion pancakes are made of dough and green onions. They are traditional to the Chinese culture and a popular street food.

Members of the club meet to socialize, learn, and most importantly, have fun. The Wednesday meeting was open to all students who were interested in immersing themselves into a new culture and students were invited to make their own scallion pancakes! With ingredients laid out for all students to create their own, members quickly got to work with their pancakes. First, they received a pre-made dough ball to flatten; They could choose how much salt and green onion they wished to add in. Then, they had the Chinese club sponsor, Dr. Shiouyin Houng, to fry the pancakes for the students. Finally, attendees were able to enjoy a delicious snack of their own creation.

This isn’t the first-time Chinese club has held an event like this. Maya Spaulding, a 10th grader at GSMST and vice president of Chinese club said that earlier this year, they threw a celebration for the Chinese Mid-autumn festival and students were treated with traditional Chinese stories, games, and tasty moon cakes.

Along with Chinese club, GSMST offers a variety of opportunities for students to learn about different cultures and worldviews such as: Spanish club, German club, and our yearly international night. At GSMST, we pride ourselves for our diversity and the enthusiasm that student’s exhibit to learn about new cultures.