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Inspired Teens Start Taste of Gwinnett with Deliciously Charitable Idea

Are you interested in learning about the cool restaurants in Gwinnett? Do you want to help raise money for cancer? Or are you excited to see a high school run charity pull off an amazing event? Come to Taste of Gwinnett!

Taste of Gwinnett is an event that will happen on November 10, 2018, from noon to 8 p.m. Dozens of restaurants from all around the county will present samples of their signature dishes.

The event is run by the Taste the Charity, Inc., an organization run by GSMST high school students. The idea originated after the Gwinnett’s Relay For Life annual event was rained down. Motivated to raise funds for the American Cancer Society, Sunil Reddy, a junior at GSMST, started the non-profit organization. Since then, the team has grown to include almost 40 other students. Working alongside Sunil are Ryan Lynch and Jessica Chavez, two other juniors. They run meetings every other week with the students and discuss various topics related to the fundraiser, from venue options to sponsorships.

The operation, which has been running since May of last year, has worked with a tremendous amount of teamwork. Ryan says that none of this would have been possible without the drive or managerial knowledge that Sunil and he possess.

Sunil states, “My favorite part about the Taste of Gwinnett is how I learn so much just by developing the event. Since the beginning, I’ve learned how nonprofits and organizations function and how they interact with the IRS as well as what regulations they have to follow to put on an event.”

Their entrepreneurial venture has grown into an organization with passion, motivation, and really tasty treats!

Come and show your support for Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society this November by coming to Taste of Gwinnett to see how vision and teamwork can create wonders. You’ll definitely be left with a warm and delicious surprise!

Interested in learning more about Taste of Gwinnett? Go to taste or contact Sunil Reddy at or Ryan Lynch at