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Integrity & Innovation: Core Values Fuel Excalibur Homes

“We share our value for people and relationships with everyone on our team and in the way we do business.”

Mike Nelson’s first experience as a real estate investor delivered a strong ROI. While still in college at the University of Georgia, Mike partnered with his mom, a real estate agent, to purchase, repair and manage a rental house. Mom provided much of the expertise and Mike provided the sweat equity. The pay off? Rental income that paid senior year tuition for Mike… and planted the seeds for a rewarding career.

That early real-world experience earned with Mom and some sage advice from Dad — “You should work for yourself; don’t be an employee,” along with his UGA real estate degree, encouraged Mike’s entrepreneurial bent.

After a successful career in commercial real estate, Mike turned to the residential market. He founded Excalibur Homes in 1985, combining property management and real estate investing with a unique model that benefits all stakeholders – investors, owners and renters.

“We’re very much a real estate investment company that specializes in property management,” says Mike.

Today, Excalibur Homes manages about 1,450 rental homes in the metro, with a strong focus on Gwinnett. “All of the wonderful quality of life factors that make Gwinnett a great place to own a home also make it a great place to rent a home,” he explains.

Having a shared focus on both sides of the equation — managing the property and nurturing the investment — is just one thing that makes Excalibur Homes unique. “If we’ve projected a certain amount of income for an investor, we have to keep that promise. That’s not the case for a typical property management company.”

Excalibur serves investors through every aspect of the process. “We can find, renovate, lease, manage and cultivate that investment property — and handle every aspect of that in-house,” says Mike. When it’s time to sell, he says, Excalibur can both manage the sale and find the next investment property, all with an eye toward building wealth for the investor.

“We built the company on two distinct core values — integrity and innovation,” says Mike.

Fittingly, Excalibur is one of only a handful of companies across the country to have earned the Certified Residential Management Company (CRMC) designation. An active and respected leader in the property management industry, Mike teaches property management and real estate investing for the Georgia Association of Realtors. The Georgia Real Estate Commission selected him to serve on their Education Advisory Committee to represent the property management industry and he is accredited as a Master Property Manager from the National Association of Residential Property Managers.

Another constant at Excalibur? “This has always been a family business,” shares Mike. Mike’s wife Mary is the company’s CFO and two of the couple’s three sons — Matt and Dan — serve as Vice President of Operations and Vice President of Sales, respectively.

“It’s family first — and we share our value for people and relationships with everyone on our team and in the way we do business,” explains Mike.

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