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Interviewing My Inspirations

Written by Jaiden Arada, Converge multimedia journalism intern and Senior at Cherokee Bluff High School

An inspirational person to you can be hard to find. To find someone who you look up to and want to follow their footsteps are heavy shoes to fill for anyone. As I grew up, I thought my inspirations would be famous celebrities or strangers but I came to realize that my inspirations were right in front of me. My inspirations are my parents. I decided to interview them and see what their futures look like as I examine mine.

I interviewed my father first. My father is a very strong-willed and determined individual who always has a goal in mind. His determination is what I admire most about him. When I asked him who his biggest inspiration is, he told me his father was his. My grandfather barely furthered his education even after he immigrated to Canada and still raised a family. He has held his reputation up very well and is respected amongst everyone that he meets. He says that his biggest accomplishment is his children. Being one of his children, this made me very happy.

In my father’s free time, he enjoys golfing and spending time with his family. His favorite color is red because he thinks it looks cool and it also supports his favorite team, the Georgia Bulldogs. When I asked him about three movies he would take to a deserted island, he said True Romance, Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back, and Godfather Part II. His favorite snack is any kind of chips but more specifically, Ketchup chips that are only sold in Canada. We love to get them each time we travel up there. He pictures his future retired and golfing somewhere along the Gulf of Mexico.

I interviewed my mother next. My mother is a very sweet and loving person that empathizes with everyone she meets. She is also confident in her actions and I admire that about her so much. She always knows exactly what to say. Her biggest inspiration is also her father. My other grandfather started a growing business from the ground up. No matter how big or how hard the hardships got, he always stayed humble and kind. My mother said that her biggest accomplishment is “…raising two amazing kids that have empathy, love, and respect for all people.” I believe she is proud of the people that my brother and I have become.

My mother’s favorite way to spend her time is either spending time with family or shopping. Her favorite color is also red because she associates it with good memories, like the Georgia Bulldogs winning the 2021 National Championship. When I asked her which three movies she would bring to a deserted island, she had to ponder the question for a little while. Like myself, she is a little indecisive. She decided on Sweet Home Alabama, Steel Magnolias, and The Notebook. She loves any snack with chocolate in it and loves the Home Goods section of Target. She pictures her future retired as well, spending time in her future beach house.

Both my parents have always been supportive of me and I hope for only good things in their futures. They have raised me well and I hope I get a taste of what their amazing lives are like.