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Italian Pie: Love at First Bite

The restaurant Italian Pie has never failed to please my family with its delicious pizza. Its unique New York style pizza keeps customers going in for more. Not only do they serve pizza, they also have various Italian dishes. A couple of years ago Italian Pie was established on Lawrenceville Highway. Like any other new local restaurant, no one really knew what Italian Pie was like until they actually went to go try it themselves. The environment is very enjoyable and family friendly.

Raffele Luci proudly owns Italian Pie. Currently, there are three Italian Pie restaurants up and running. His most recent opening was last year near Lilburn, while the third one is located in Dacula. All of them have been a beneficial addition to the Gwinnett area.

Mr. Luci says, “Most of the pizza recipes are passed down from my mother…she lives in Italy, where she owns her own restaurant as well”. Their motto is “love at first bite”, and with freshly prepared and made ingredients, it is guaranteed that “love at first bite” will be the customer’s experience.

Italian Pie is made for everyone. With their humongous slices of pizzas and delicious salads and paninis, this restaurant will not leave you disappointed.