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Just Hashtag It!


Let’s be real. Who can’t use a happy spin on things these days? There are good things happening in our lives and particularly in our community, but you don’t always hear about it.

So we’re on a mission. You know something to put some hoorah in the day. We’re going to do our part to light the fires of goodwill, kindness and appreciation for each other and our community organizations with a simple gesture.

Anytime you see something cool happening, something that makes you proud or something that you love about Gwinnett, post it on social media and hashtag it with #LoveGwinnett.

Make it a statement of positive thinking and pass it on. Make it an affirmation of goodness in our community and a symbol of what makes Gwinnett unique. Make it an example of what’s possible when people are just kind.

We see good people and good works here every day and we want to praise, recognize and show some love to Gwinnett whenever we can. We want to make a list and take names, and give a shout out to all who deserve it.

This is our annual Education Issue, and the faculty and staff that teach our children, in all the schools that serve the county, certainly deserve our support. Next time you want to recognize or thank your child’s teacher, add #LoveGwinnett to really spread the word for them.

Remember, Gwinnett County Public Schools, led by Superintendent Alvin Wilbanks, is not just the state’s biggest system, it’s one of the best in Georgia and the nation. You gotta love that!

Kudos, too, to our higher education leaders, including Georgia Gwinnett College President Dr. Stas Preczewski, Gwinnett Technical College President Dr. Glen Cannon, and Bryan Ginn, Chief Campus Officer, Georgia Campus – Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Truth is, Gwinnett has innovative, progressive and thoughtful leaders across the board in both the public and private sectors including County Commission Chair Charlotte Nash and all the commissioners, a stellar group of municipal mayors, Gwinnett Chamber President and CEO Dr. Dan Kaufman, Partnership Gwinnett Chief Economic Development Officer Nick Masino, Gwinnett Convention and Visitors Bureau CEO Preston Williams, and Explore Gwinnett Executive Director Lisa Anders. (Those are just a few of our great elected and civic leaders. Stay tuned for more shout outs and hashtags on other standouts in our community in the near future! #LoveGwinnett )

In businesses large and small, in healthcare, community service, the arts and more, you’ll find scores of folks who love Gwinnett and their neighbors and are committed to serving both.

So join us! We’ll be using #LoveGwinnett to recognize and support all the things we love about our community, celebrating three simple values: Be Positive. Buy Local. Help Others.

Just hashtag it! #LoveGwinnett