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Have you ever wondered why straight teeth are considered more attractive? It is at least in part because we are hardwired to see a healthy smile as an attractive one. Having the teeth in the right place can mean that they can be cleaned better, leading to less gum disease and cavities. It means that they function better which reduces stress on teeth reducing the need for extensive treatments like crowns.

“I like to use a visual imagery to explain the importance of correcting occlusion, or the way your top and bottom teeth come together” says Dr. Majdi. “Imagine two gears in your watch. The teeth of each gear fit perfectly in the slots of their partners gear. If there was a mismatch, it would lead to uneven wear and tear or even complete fracture of the gear.” That is what we see day in a day out; crowded teeth that cause food traps or uneven bites that cause teeth and joint damage.


Invisalign® clear aligners provide an effective way to straighten your teeth while remaining virtually invisible. Wearing the comfortable, customized aligners will gradually shift your teeth into their correct position. Correcting teeth alignment is imperative, not just cosmetic wise, but for overall health as well. Invisalign offers the best of both worlds: comfortable, efficient straightening with an essentially invisible appearance.

Advantages of Invisalign®

  • Clear aligners are virtually invisible as opposed to metal brackets and wires
  • Aligners are customized to fit your teeth, eliminating discomfort and irritation
  • Aligners are conveniently removable for brushing or cleaning
  • No food restrictions
  • Helps in avoiding periodontal disease, which can stem from misaligned teeth
  • Can alleviate issues such as bite problems, mouth sores, speaking/chewing difficulties
  • At Suwanee Dental Care we have two new methods to help you complete your Invisalign 2-3X faster

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