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Learning a Second Language Can Open Endless Doors

Middle school is a time where students start to find their interests and their passions. Students further develop their curiosity as they excitedly wait for high school. Whether they are interested in science, dance, or history, these interests will follow them to ninth grade and will shape four very important years in their life. Teachers play a major role in helping these students find what they are passionate about and what makes their eyes sparkle. Their hard work and excitement for a subject can project onto a student and change their life.

Hull Middle School French teacher, Cindy Mollard is a teacher helping students discover the power of language. She believes that learning a second language can open endless doors for someone and helps them dive into different cultures. Mrs. Mollard makes sure to incorporate Francophone culture into all of her lessons in order to give her students some of that experience without leaving the classroom. Through her engaging lessons, Mrs. Mollard makes sure that every student’s strength shines through and that they feel comfortable speaking in a different language.

One of her students, Maya, says, “Mrs. Mollard really helped me find something I am interested in continuing for a long time. As an eight-grader, one of my fears was that there wouldn’t be something for me in high school since I am not really into sports. After having part of the French program with Mrs. Mollard, I believe that the language department is the way to go for me in high school.”

Mrs. Mollard is one of the many teachers that are building our future. She is helping students find their passions which will allow them to excel on that and do amazing things when they grow older.