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Ms. McClellan Has a Passion for Music

Ms. McClellan is an amazing cellist and a proud orchestra conductor at Richard Hull Middle School in Suwanee. She ignites the passion in students by rewarding her students with yarn strings tied to their bows for doing well on playing tests. As a teacher she takes on a unique approach to encouraging her students to practice; rather than focusing on the length of time her students spend on practicing, she shifts her attention towards the quality of their enhancement session.

Throughout her years at Hull Middle, Ms. McClellan has helped and been an inspiration to many, including her students and myself. A student of hers, Shane, who is now a 6th grader at Richard Hull Middle, agreed to be interviewed and was kind enough to share some thoughts about her class.
She explained that Ms. McClellan has made the class very enjoyable for her. Shane told me that ever since she had class with Ms. McClellan, she has begun to practice her violin more and wants to strive for perfection. Shane states during the interview, “I got home one day and practiced really hard for my playing test the next day and Ms. McClellan told me I did great on the playing test. After that I was so happy, I wanted to practice even more and do even better.”

As a teacher, Ms. McClellan cares about her students and strives to make class time an enjoyable one, one filled with humor, occasional chuckles, and one filled with hard-working students like Shane.