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Lights Up, Action! Shining a Spotlight on the Cherokee Bluff Theatre Department

Written by Jaiden Arada, Converge multimedia journalism intern and Senior at Cherokee Bluff High School

The Cherokee Bluff Theater Department is an up-and-coming department from the newer Flowery Branch school, Cherokee Bluff High School. Under the direction of the new director, Tyra Wimpye, the department has been producing pieces that are sure to impress the community. This year alone, they have done so much!

Beginning this year, they had a showcase for the younger students on their campus to show them what the new theater program was like. They each chose pieces to perform in a medley of small performances. They performed group numbers from the musical movie “Trolls” and from the musical “Rent.” The department got positive feedback from the students and the administration of the school. They did not stop there.

While doing the showcase, 10 performers and two stage managers were preparing for the competition performance at Dawson County High School. One Act is the GHSA event for the theater kids in the state. They were preparing to compete with their piece, called “Tracks”, but due to unfortunate circumstances, they had to forfeit out of the competition. However, they held two community performances and got amazing feedback. This made them feel prepared for their next production, “Annie.”

“Annie” began production at the end of October. They had just over a month to pull a production together with 50 kids! No easy task, but they pulled it off flawlessly. Wimpye had a vision and executed in a way that was incredibly pleasing to the eyes and ears. With the theater troupe’s president, Ellie Smith, as the leading lady Annie, she stole the show with her charisma. The cast and crew behind her certainly directed the performance. From the orphans played by middle schoolers to the servant cast, everyone had their time to shine. It was a great way to finish out the school semester with a Christmas-themed performance.

It is not only the work put into these performances that make them what they are, but it’s the people. The group, or what the theater calls the troupe, is run by a great group of female leaders. After speaking with Vice President of the troupe, Bayleigh Schade, she told me this: “Being involved in CB Theatre has allowed me to hone my skills as a performer and build a close family environment within my community!” Schade played the Lawyer in “Tracks” and Grace in “Annie.” She is certainly working hard with her new position as a teacher’s assistant with director Wimpye.

As for the future for the department, Cherokee Bluff is putting on “Steel Magnolias” in February and “Shrek, Jr.” in March. They sure do have a lot on their plates as they head into the spring semester!