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Looking Forward

This May, I am graduating high school, and next fall, I will be in Athens. I will be studying English and music, taking literary courses and playing in the orchestra. The University of Georgia is home to great communities, phenomenal academic instruction, and endless career preparation opportunities.

As an English major, career opportunities are without bounds, but this can cause complications later. While I am sure that I would like to write, in some capacity, for my career, I do not know exactly where or how. This is where the internship opportunities at UGA can provide clarity. Work experience in a particular field or career can make this decision simpler, and I am confident that the University’s focus on interning and professional networking will provide this certainty for me.

Furthermore, being a music minor will bring new opportunities for music and travel. The bass instructor at UGA is the coordinator of the Hodgson School’s International & Study Abroad Programs, which will lead to travel overseas, allowing me to play bass with foreign orchestras and participate in workshops. Additionally, the music school hosts recitals and concerts that I will be able to perform in, either in a small group or as a soloist.

I am most excited to find my communities at the University. While I am only minoring in music, I have heard from music majors that being a student of the school of music automatically places you in a niche environment because of the difficulties that come with being a music student. Sharing the experience of studio courses, rehearsals, and recitals creates a unique bond between the musicians. Similarly, the appreciation for literary studies found in most English majors will be a unique trait among myself and those in my program.

While this is a big transition for many students, it comes along with countless new experiences, opportunities, and relationships. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities that await me at the University of Georgia, and I cannot wait to see where the educational experiences will lead me.