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Maggie Pruitt Named BCS Teacher of the Year

The title race for Buford City School’s Teacher of the Year has ended. The school district recently announced its 2020 winner: Maggie Pruitt, who teaches Special Education at Buford High School.

“I do not envy the difficult decision our esteemed panel of judges had to make in selecting who should be the 2020 Teacher of the Year,” Buford City Schools Superintendent Dr. Robert Downs said. “The dedication these outstanding educators show for teaching makes it very clear that this is more than a job for them, it’s their passion.”

Lindsey Allen, Buford High School’s principal, remarked, “Mrs. Pruitt gives everything she has not just [to] prepare her students for life after high school, but she pours into them all the love she has to give.” He added, “This year might be a little tough for her because she is extremely humble and does not like to have attention on her. We know she will represent our school and district well at the state level.”

2020 Buford City Schools Teacher of the Year Finalists 

  • Katie Neal – Buford Elementary School
  • Twila Minshew – Buford Academy
  • Laura Laws – Buford Senior Academy
  • Lauren Larson – Buford Middle School
  • Maggie Pruitt – Buford High School

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