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It’s easy to go with the flow of life, but when you put work, family and social commitments first, you’re putting yourself—and your health—last. At Georgia SurgiCare, our sole focus is you, and our goal is to help you become your healthiest self. Whether you’re facing burning acid reflux, excessive weight gain, painful varicose veins, or other ailments, our highly specialized doctors and private ambulatory surgery center will provide personalized treatment with exceptional care to get you enjoying life again.

Same Day Appointment, Same Day Surgery


Our Heartburn Center of Excellence is a national leader in treating Acid Reflux without scars.


We offer several weight loss procedures, including gastric balloons, minimally invasive options, that help you finally free yourself from that extra weight.


Our physicians are experts in using non-invasive techniques to treat discoloration, pain and restlessness caused by varicose/spider veins.