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Marisa Jills

Marisa Humphrey has been putting outfits together for years. As a young married couple, she and her husband lived in the basement of her in-law’s house. When she would get homesick or depressed, shed go to her closet and put together outfits. Getting creative with her apparel and accessories served as her therapy.

Today, she’s the owner of her own store, Marisa Jill’s, a trendy boutique for teens, tots, grandmas and everyone in between. They offer plus sizes, accessories, shoes, jewelry and more!

When a customer walks into Marisa Jill’s, they can expect to be welcomed with a drink in a champagne glass and a shopping experience like no other. Marisa aims to make all her customers feel and look fantastic before they exit her store.

Located in historic Buford, the 116 year old Shadburn bank turned boutique has a wide array of women’s fashion, from shirts to dresses, bows to necklaces, and much more all under $40. The old bank safe is now made up of fitting rooms, and provides a pathway to the store’s upstairs $10 department, also known as MJ’s Attic. On the main floor, there’s a full-blown studio with a camera, back-drop, make-up counter, and lights for customers to model and take their own pictures.

“We are the most fun place to buy fabulous fashion at a fantastic price, Marisa says. I love it when there are tons of people in here taking pictures, and everybody’s talking to each other, filled wall to wall with happy faces. I love that.”

Originally from Idaho, self-proclaimed serial-entrepreneur, Marisa has owned numerous businesses. In addition to Marisa Jill’s, she’s the co-owner of a 70-store franchise named Real Deals on Home D’cor. This furniture store, located in the old Jefferson Cotton Mill, is a 350,000 square ft. store in Jefferson, Georgia. She is also partial owner of a factory in China.

However, despite her many business ventures, the journalist turned businesswoman says that Marisa Jill’s has been her favorite occupation so far. Coming up on its two year anniversary, Marisa enjoys making women feel beautiful more than anything.

“This is what I really enjoy,” Marisa says. “I can see myself doing this for a long time.”

Her success wouldn’t be complete without the continuous support of her husband.
“My husbands a saint. He’s the perfect man for me,” Marisa says. “Whenever I want to start a new venture he’s supportive but also helps me figure out logistics and practicality.” Her hope is to expand Marisa Jill’s into other quaint shops, rich in history and located in cities downtowns.

“One day Id like to take this (Marisa Jill’s) store around the country,” Marisa says. “But from owning a franchise, I know how hard it is to duplicate and duplicate correctly, so Im not in a hurry to do that,” Marisa says. “I wouldn’t do it again unless, I could locate another building that holds as much character as this one.”

Marisa Jill’s has events throughout the year like its red carpet events where customers can dress up and take pictures on the red carpet. They also hold girls night out events, as well as holiday themed events. For more about the store, events, and fashion, call 678-714-3253 or go online to facebook/@marisajill.

Marisa Jills
101 E Main St NE
Buford, GA 30518