Meet Spencer Rozin, MD, FACP

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Rozin Internal Medicine

Our Story: Rozin Internal Medicine provides personal one-on-one medical care in an unrushed atmosphere where the patient is the priority. Dr. Rozin treats each person as an individual, focusing on diagnosis and management of a wide range of adult medical problems. Dr. Rozin is very proactive in preventive care, keeping you healthy for the long term.

How We Help: Patients receive nutrition and exercise advice with the benefits of proactive care. Many of our patients have achieved significant weight loss, stopped smoking and have marked improvements in their medical conditions.

Problems We Solve: We manage all adult medical problems and coordinate your care with other physicians or hospitals to ensure you receive the best possible care. We are always looking for answers and treatments to help, and won”t give up on you.

Results We Deliver: Our patients have one doctor to manage all their medical issues, including hospitalizations. Patients have one person they can trust and contact with all their healthcare needs. We work for you, not the insurance company.

What Makes Us Unique: Patients are seen the same or next day. Appointments start promptly and are unhurried, so your concerns are addressed. Our staff is friendly and treats you like family. Patients can contact me via cell phone after hours.

What”s Next: Insurance companies limit your doctor”s time with one-size-fits-all medical care delivered by non-physicians. We are different. We want to be your doctor, providing you the respect and care you desire and deserve.

Phone: 770-709-0900
Fax: 770-709-7444
721 Wellness Way, Suite 220
Lawrenceville, GA 30046