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Mill Creek HS Student’s Ultimate Shadow Experience

This summer, while everyone else was swimming at the pool and shopping at the local mall, Mill Creek tenth grader, Kroix Henson was meeting big time rappers that define this generation. Kroix said, “Going to these two concerts and meeting my favorite rappers, Drake and Fetty Wap, was an experience I will never ever forget.”

Kroix has always been a huge fan of each artist, which made it a huge deal to meet them and could not wait to share her experience with all of her friends on social media. Kroix went on to say, “The Fetty Wap concert was fun because my Dad was actually behind the scenes producing it, making the show even better for me to watch knowing my Dad was involved. And the Drake concert was just amazing, one of the best I’ve ever been to.”

Kroix has tagged along on many of her Dad’s job experiences which have filled her childhood with amazing opportunity and memories, however, none of them as cool as her moments with him this summer. Her Dad has always had this amazing job and it is finally hitting her to how very cool it actually is. Kroix looks forward to years and years of more fascinating adventures and opportunities through her Dad’s job and is thinking about someday pursuing this field herself .