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More Than Just “Book Keeping”

Osborne Middle School’s media specialist, Dr. Mosely, does much more than just “book keep”. Unlike anyone else in the building, Dr. Mosely has the opportunity to work and interact with every student and faculty member at the school. Mosely says, “The best part of my job is interacting daily with students and talking with them about reading and researching, two of my personal favorites”. She teaches students and teachers on research skills and digital citizenship as it is crucial in today’s society to understand basic technology needed in a school day. She also administrates all of the school’s equipment used by the students and faculty, therefore Mosely is very involved with the school’s morning news show, The Hawkeye News Show.

Sponsor of the OMS Broadcast Club, she helps teach students about video production where they broadcast the Hawkeye News Show and extracurricular activities. Sponsoring the Chess Club as well, Mosely meets with a group of students once a week in the Media Center simply allowing students to enjoy the game of Chess with their friends. Since Mosely has a passion for books, she also sponsors Osborne’s Book Club and Reader’s Rally Team in which a group of students read books together and meet twice a month to discuss the books they have read as well as their love for books read in the past. Those who are on the Reader’s Rally Team compete in the Gwinnett County Public Schools Readers Rally competition where the students rapidly answer quiz like questions on chosen books, competing against other Gwinnett middle schools.

Mosely’s goal is to provide a nurturing environment with every type of fiction and nonfiction novels in the Media Center for all students. She says she and her team “generally just love and understand the middle school student and look forward to seeing them use their space for reading, studying, and socializing”. Dr. Mosely influences students’ lives academically by providing them with an adequate variety of books. She also affects students’ emotionally by providing them with a homey environment to escape from the pressures of their academic lives every day.