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Music Beyond Listening

Have you ever wondered how a song is produced? How artists get the perfect sounds with perfect timing in their recordings? Peachtree Ridge has the perfect class for that! One of the latest courses added in the last school year, Music Tech focuses on music production and teaches students about the world of producing that perfect sound in music beyond just listening.

All the Music Tech classes (beginning, intermediate, advanced, and mastery) are currently being taught full-time by Mr. Edwards, who started teaching Music Tech part-time last year. He loves teaching these classes because he has the opportunity to cultivate the desire to know more, establish relationships with his students, and learn even more about music! He says that the Music Tech class is unique because of the creativity it allows-students can let their artistic juices flow to create whatever they want. Mr. Edward’s ultimate goal is have a functioning studio where students can come in to record CDs.

One of Mr. Edward’s students from the Beginning Music Tech course (who wishes to remain anonymous) appreciates gaining more knowledge about the process of music production, as well as insight on musical analysis. At home, she was inspired by her older brother to make music. She has the equipment to record songs, and is taking Music Tech to expand her skills beyond singing. Another student in the Beginning Music Tech course, a junior named Elsha Han, says that her favorite aspect of the class is that we have the privilege of using an enormous range of synthetic instruments to produce our own original music. As a student taking this course, I must agree with Elsha because I have gained valuable experience in the field of music by being exposed to so many different genres and styles. I’m a seasoned instrumentalist; so taking this course changed my perspective from performance to original creation. I also find myself listening to compositions in a critical way, analyzing the very elements that I incorporate into my own work.

Music Tech is certainly an avant-garde class; the brand-new Apple computers, keyboards, and various instruments make this class unlike any other. At Peachtree Ridge, students can take this incomparable class to enhance their musical and innovative skills beyond traditional classrooms and musical ensembles. After all, it’s beyond just listening to or playing music-it’s about creating it.

Pictured: Andy Edwards