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New Year, Renewed Dental Health

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New Year, Renewed Dental Health

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The holidays are approaching, so New Year’s resolutions can’t be far behind. If this is the year you’re resolving to focus on your dental health, you’ve made a great commitment.

Dental health is a vital component of overall health. In fact, unresolved dental issues can greatly detract from your health, your quality of life and your general outlook and attitude. A beautiful, healthy smile not only provides confidence and peace of mind, but can also indicate good overall health.

Your dentist’s exam can provide many clues about your overall health and dentists are often the first medical professionals to pick up on their patient’s health issue.

While you’re at the dentist, here are some key health assessments that should be done:

Oral Cancer Screening:  Almost 50,000 cases of oral cancer are diagnosed annually. Of those diagnosed, only half are expected to live five years! The reason for such a high mortality is that oral cancer often isn’t detected early enough to respond to treatment, so don’t ever skip this screening.

Measurement of the Gums (or pockets around the teeth): This can indicate an acute infection or signal heart disease, the onset of diabetes, an autoimmune disorder, or even a sign of menopause.

Blood Pressure: While it seems like a routine thing, elevated blood pressure can be an indicator of something more serious. It could be caused by hypertension of the heart muscle, a blood clot, or your body fighting off an infection.


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