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No More Mixing – 3 Ready To Drink Cocktails

Sometimes the most delicious cocktails come in cans. That’s right, cans! While the pre-made cocktail space traditionally has been seen as a cheap thrill, breweries and distilleries all over have changed the pace and are now creating the most “Instagrammable” canned cocktails to keep you cool this summer.

Ready to drink cocktails are bolder – and boozier! From Mules to Hard Lemonades, here are a few of our favorites that you can pick up from our friends at Beverage Superstore in Grayson this weekend!

  1. Dry County Spirits – Mango Peach Vodka Lemonade

Georgia- Made from real mangoes, peaches, lemon juice, and Dry County brand vodka to create this delicious ready to drink cocktail. Enjoy chilled straight from the can or in a cocktail glass with a garnish!

9% ABV

2. Devil’s Backbone – Vodka Soda

90 calorie expertly crafted vodka soda, with Superior-clean vodka, a lively spritz of club soda, and a refreshing twist of real lime.

4.5% ABV

3. The Copper Can – Moscow Mule

Refuel with the Mule. Born in San Francisco. Deliciously crafted with three simple ingredients: organic lime juice, signature ginger beer made in house, and 6x distilled gluten-free vodka.

10% ABV