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Norcross to Celebrate Earth Day with a Tree Planting

In commemoration of Earth Day, the City of Norcross will be planting a “goldenraintree” in Thrasher Park on April 22 to replace a tree that was removed due to lightening damage. The tree, which will be planted just inside the entrance to Thrasher Park at Park Drive and Buchanan Street, also represents the City of Norcross’ continued commitment to the city’s designation as a Tree City USA. The tree planting is co-sponsored by the Tree Preservation Board and the Department of Public Works, Utilities and Parks.

As described by the Arbor Day Foundation, the goldenraintree lends grace and charm to the landscape throughout the entire year—rare yellow tree blossoms in the late spring and summer, graceful paper lanterns dangling from the branches in autumn and winter. But this tree is more than just looks. Goldenraintrees are hardy, thriving in the tough urban environment and an astonishingly wide range of soil conditions. The combination of beauty and durability makes for an enchanting sight near patios, in parks, in street rights-of-way and in planters.

“The tree planting showcases the city’s continued commitment to the environment as well as maintaining a beautiful tree canopy,” said Mary Beth Bender, director, Public Works, Utilities & Parks/ACM, City of Norcross. “The goldenraintree will be a wonderful addition to the city’s treescape that we hope our citizens and visitors will enjoy for years to come.”

Coinciding with the tree planting, Norcross Mayor Bucky Johnson established “Garden Week in Norcross,” which echoed a proclamation recently signed by Governor Deal that designated the third week in April as “Garden Week in Georgia.” In addition to the tree planting in Thrasher Park, the Norcross Tree Board has several other activities planned for the culmination of the weeklong celebration on April 22. The Board is partnering with local nonprofit Gardens4GrowingCommunity (G4GC) to conduct Earth Day activities at Summerour Middle School. Tree Board members and G4GC will help students record tree calipers, use scientific analysis and math to figure the “value of a tree.” Students will record their findings on large colorful tags that they will tie to the relevant tree. Students will also enjoy visits by a wildlife specialist and an arborist. The Tree Board is also donating a fruit tree to establish the school’s orchard.

The fun and learning will continue as Discovery Garden Park organizers host Norcross Elementary students in the future garden park on Friday to learn about growing seeds in conjunction with Norcross’ annual “City Day.” Also noteworthy, the Norcross Garden Club is hosting their annual Spring Plant Sale on April 22 and 23.

As noted in the proclamation issued at the City of Norcross council meeting on April 4, the formalization of Garden Week in Norcross and events such as the tree planting recognizes one of Norcross’ greatest assets—its gardens, landscapes and natural settings. The highlighted dates also encourage citizens to recognize the work local organizations, businesses, city employees and private gardeners do to support Norcross’ Imagination Proclamation, which envisions “a balance between economic growth and environmental protection.”

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