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Northside Gwinnett Clinical Nurse Manager Wins Statewide Hospital Hero Award

Jenine Morgan, BSN, RN, CRRN, Northside Hospital Gwinnett Clinical Nurse Manager, Wins Statewide Hospital Hero Award

Northside Hospital Gwinnett Clinical Nurse Manager Jenine Morgan, BSN, RN, CRRN, was awarded the prestigious Georgia Hospital Hero Award at the Georgia Hospital Association’s (GHA) annual Hospital Heroes Awards luncheon on Nov. 1 in Atlanta. Morgan, who was one of only six health care workers statewide to receive the award, was recognized for her quick action that saved a fellow nurse’s life.

Morgan began employment at Northside Hospital Gwinnett in 2005 as a staff nurse in the intensive care unit. She eventually worked her way up to shift supervisor before earning her CRRN (certified rehabilitation registered nurse) certification. She now leads a team of experienced rehabilitation professionals in her care of individuals with stroke, brain injury, amputation and complex orthopedic injuries or conditions.

Last year, while working at the hospital’s skilled nursing facility, Morgan noticed a fellow nurse who looked dizzy and as though she did not feel well. Morgan examined the nurse and checked her blood pressure, which was extremely high. Morgan immediately called for an ambulance to quickly transport the nurse to the emergency room. As the nurse was being loaded onto a stretcher, her sister, also a nurse at the facility, wanted to accompany her but had no one to cover her work responsibilities. Morgan instantly offered to cover this nurse’s workload so she could accompany her sister to the hospital.

Morgan’s actions likely saved the nurse’s life, who, it turned out, had a mini-stroke. Thanks to Morgan’s quick assessment and decision-making, the nurse was able to receive rapid treatment and had no lasting adverse effects.

“Nurses save lives every day, and Jenine Morgan is an outstanding example of the extraordinary care they provide,” said GHA President and CEO Earl Rogers. “We are pleased to recognize her efforts with this award.”