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Chuck Warbington, City Manager Lawrenceville, and Jay Dennard, Vice President of Northside Hospital Gwinnett, join the podcast!

Hospital buildings seen all the way from space? The new 17 story tower at Northside Hospital Gwinnett in Lawrenceville will soon be the tallest building in the county!

The city of Lawrenceville is continuing to grow into an expansive healthcare community, so citizens of Gwinnett County have close access to medical care. Joining us is Chuck Warbington, city manager, and Jay Dennard, vice president of Northside Hospital, interpreting their editions to what best is yet to come!

In this episode, Warbington and Dennard share how their partnership resulted in the rise of Northside Hospital. They talk about the hospital’s claim to fame and discuss what expansion means for the county. They also share sneak peeks into new city projects, so get excited for the future of Lawrenceville!

This conversation provides informational updates on the hospital and some good conversation with our amazing guests. Give it a watch and listen!