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Nurturing New Passions

For many prepubescent teens, middle school is a time of self-growth and discovery. It is a time to meet new friends, dabble in hobbies, and unearth new, potentially lifelong passions.

In the large, mirrored room at the end of Hull Middle School’s fine arts hallway, Mrs. Kennedy strives to do just that: nurture students’ budding interests in choral music.

Mrs. Kennedy is a sunny, vibrant woman who has been teaching chorus for twenty-three years at both the elementary and middle school levels. She began teaching in Kansas and ultimately moved to Gwinnett County, Georgia, where she proceeded to educate in private vocal coaching, piano lessons, and Kindermusik.

The cheerful teacher has music deep in her roots. She has been fascinated by melody since childhood; at seven years old, she began taking piano lessons and loved engaging in the music program at her church. She happily reminisces that her home was always filled with songs and harmonies.

Her favorite part about teaching is forging relationships with students. She admits that the job keeps her on her toes and never gets boring. Mrs. Kennedy hopes to spread her passion for music to others, and it shows. Her enthusiasm for chorus is infectious; as a former student of hers, I can attest to the comfort and relief she afforded me with. I always looked forward to walking into Mrs. Kennedy’s room at the end of a long day and expressing my emotions through song. I learned so much from her character, and she is part of the reason why I continue to participate in chorus today.

To all the aspiring artists, dreamers, and musicians in the world, Mrs. Kennedy offers a humbling piece of advice: never lose sight of your love of the subject and love for others. This will get you through the rough days.

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