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Parkview High students take on the PSAT

The PSAT at Parkview High School is on Wednesday, October 11, 2017, and the deadline to sign up is Friday, September 22, 2017. All sophomores are required to take PSAT, free of charge, but for freshmen and juniors, the cost is 17 dollars.

It is highly suggested that juniors take the PSAT because this is the year it counts. Juniors that take it, and do well on it, are qualified for the National Merit Scholarship and other scholarships. It is a great way for juniors to get their name out there to colleges as well. For juniors, the PSAT is a great final preparation before they take the SAT in either the fall or the spring.

For freshmen, the PSAT is a fantastic opportunity to see what the SAT is like. It is also good for freshmen to get in the habit of taking the PSAT through their junior year because the SAT is constantly changing, and it also keeps their minds fresh on the information seen on the SAT.

For sophomores, it is required and doesn’t count, but for those that want to do dual enrollment their junior and senior year, they have to take the SAT in either the fall, spring, or summer.

Even though the PSAT doesn’t count until junior year, it still looks really good on college applications. Colleges want to see the dedication future students put into their work. Colleges don’t want student who do the bare minimum to get by. To sign up for the PSAT, go to