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Peach Tour Starts at Norcross Community Market on June 18

The Georgia Farmers Market Association (GFMA) wants to get to know you and announced that it is kicking off its inaugural Peach Tour this week. Peach Tour 2016 is a campaign aimed at featuring GFMA, its member markets statewide and showcasing Georgia producers. The tour will run June 18-30, 2016.
“We are thrilled to launch the Peach Tour 2016 campaign this summer. Our hope is for local communities to connect with their farmers markets. We feel that a tour will energize this effort and bring more people out,” said GFMA Executive Director Sagdrina Jalal.
On Saturday, June 18th, Norcross Community Market will host the very first stop of Peach Tour 2016. During the market, patrons will have a chance to purchase a refreshing peach bellini from Peachtree Growlers, learn how to make peach smoothies, and enjoy several family friendly activities and shop at a variety of market booths. 
In addition, patrons will be invited to enter a drawing for a chance to win a peck of fresh Georgia grown peaches. Pearson Farm will sponsor this market’s giveaway. Pearson Farm has been operating since 1885 in Zenith, Georgia and is known for high-quality produce. 
“Pearson Farm considers itself a part of the Norcross community and we want to show our support of the local farmers market in any way we can. This sponsorship is just one way we are able to support the local economy and expose families to a longtime producer of Georgia peaches,” said Al Pearson, owner of Pearson Farm.
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The mission of the Georgia Farmers Market Association is to strengthen farmers markets and increase food access in communities across the state by providing guidance and tools to producers, technical assistance, resources and training to market management and healthy food access and education to consumers. 
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