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Peachtree Ridge First Football Game vs Parkview

The first football game for Ridge was on August 18th, tailgating started at 6:30. It was a complete blue and white out for the school going against Parkview High School.

It was predicted that about half the school would be attending this first game and for the most part, it was true. Tailgating soon got going with students having fun with liquid blue paint and taking selfies for their Instagrams.

Once it got closer to seven pm, most parents and students went to the bleachers to grab a seat. The overall environment was exciting and full of everyone’s laughter. A lot of people were already in line grabbing drinks and candy or hot dogs. The marching band started off with their show, and soon the football players came out.

Things were great at first for the Ridge Lions because they were thirteen points ahead. During the middle of the game, Parkview got the lead and Peachtree Ridge didn’t score again. Most would’ve guessed it, Parkview won the game.

The Peachtree Ridge crowd was devestated, or at least most people were. Nowadays, a lot of students attend games to socialize with their friends and eat the junk food sold. That means that about half the people watch the game and the other half talk to their friends. It’s the true realty of high school football games.