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Peachtree Ridge Solar Eclipse Viewing

The last total solar eclipse in North America was 38 years ago. People have not been able to experience this phenomenon for a long time; some of the younger people have never experienced this mesmerizing event. That is why August 21 was so important; thousands of people were able to be a part of this significant occurrence.

Eclipses can also be dangerous since they can permanently damage your eyesight if you don’t take precautions. In order to safely watch the eclipse and make it a fun and memorable, Peachtree Ridge High School held a viewing event like many other schools.

The whole day was quite memorable, it was something I am glad to have experienced with my school-my family. Throughout the day, different classes would have eclipse related activities in order to prepare us. It got everyone excited and ready to watch it. At around two-o-clock, we started going to the football stadium in order to witness this phenomenon. There was music playing and we got to sit on the bleachers where we cheer for our Lions every Friday night. But that day we were celebrating the universe and its wonders.

It felt surreal to put on the glasses and look up at the sky. It made me feel so small. Like I was just some tiny part of something so magnificent and bigger than life. Everyone felt it. It was a memorable day full of unison and learning. Hopefully the eclipse of 2024 will be just as incredible.