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People To Know: Jerri Hewett Miller, CFP RICP

Our Story: Wealth Horizon was founded in 1998 as an independent
comprehensive financial planning and investment advisory firm. Jerri Hewett Miller, CFP, President is a visionary in her desire to serve clients in a conflict-free environment. We achieve this by working solely for our clients. Our philosophy is based on Nobel prize winning research.

How We Help: A financial plan lays the foundation for the highest probability of meeting financial goals. We keep clients focused and provide custom personalized strategies for financial freedom and independence. We ensure clients have risk transfer techniques to reduce effects of unexpected events. We help manage the risks of investing by sharing not only what they can expect over the long term but also by helping them better understand how much risk they are willing to accept.

What Makes Us Unique: We’re a boutique firm with an
intimate understanding of every client. We do not take a client if we don’t think we can add value to their situation. We’re also committed to keeping our high touch, caring culture. We believe that true wealth is not all about money!

What’s Next: We were honored by the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce in 2015 with the “Woman Owned Small Business” and “Overall Small Business of the Year Pinnacle Awards.” This year Wealth Horizon has had record growth. My husband, Dan Miller, has been a business consultant with Coopers and Lybrand, a financial adviser for Wall Street firms and a successful entrepreneur. I finally convinced him we could bring valuable insight to our clients as a team. With him on board, we now have the capacity to serve more clients while staying true to our mission of making every unique relationship our foremost concern.



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