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Get to know more about attorney Derek M. Hays as he responds to some of our questions.

Why did you choose to be a personal injury attorney?

While in law school, I was selected as a lead plaintiff attorney for our Mock Trial Team. The personal injury case we were assigned involved a pedestrian that was struck by a car while walking on the side of the road. I was fascinated by the challenge of presenting the case based on investigative reports, photographs of the scene, statements from the eyewitnesses, medical records from the hospital and so on. The preparation of the case and the strategy in developing the winning arguments had me hooked!

“It’s my honor to be your voice.”

Further, as the son of a minister, the desire to help others during difficult times was a value that I learned very early in life. Personal injury work gives me the opportunity to do that on a daily basis.

What separates your personal injury practice from the rest?

When someone else has injured you, you deserve to have the last word and you may only have one chance to be heard. For over 20 years and for thousands of clients, it has been my honor to be your voice and always speak in a way that personalizes you. It is very easy for an adjuster behind a desk or a juror in a courtroom to only hear or read about your pain and suffering, but it is far more important for them to understand it and appreciate how it has affected or changed your life. That is what separates a simple settlement that anyone can obtain from complete compensation, which is what you deserve. I will not settle for anything less than complete compensation for you.

Tell us about your firm’s success and any professional recognition you have received.

It’s my belief that relentless work, knowledge of the law, and passion for clients allows me to achieve success. As a result of that ethic, I have obtained over $125 million in compensation for the injured and grieving since 1997. We are honored to be a 2017-2018 “10 Best Attorney-Client Satisfaction” recipient.

What have you found to be the key to client satisfaction with your firm?

One simple word – communication. One of the most common complaints about attorneys is the failure to communicate with clients. I believe unreturned phone calls and unanswered questions create roadblocks. I take the time to explain a claim from the beginning so that everyone understands the process as it happens. I cannot be an effective advocate without listening to and knowing your concerns.

Why did you choose to locate your firm in Gwinnett County?

I love Gwinnett! I have been a Gwinnett County resident for over 25 years. I am active in my church, civic organizations, and fundraising for many charitable groups. My firm has sponsored mission programs, sports teams, school activities, and other community programs. Being part of the community is important to me and volunteering is a top priority.

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The Law Office of Derek M. Hays represents individuals who have been injured in car wrecks, tractor trailer wrecks, brain injury claims, catastrophic injury claims, nursing home injury claims, medical malpractice claims, and other assorted claims involving injuries.

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