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Personal Responsibility is the Key to Success

LAWRENCEVILLE – As I walk down the hallways of Creekland Middle School, I reminiscence about the memories I created in those three valuable years. Although many say that the four years of high school are the years that a person remembers the most, I believe that I developed my life long habits in middle school. I went back to visit a few of my teachers to hear what their insights are as to what habits middle schoolers should develop in order to prepare them for high school.

Ms. Kathy Krohnert, the IDT teacher at Creekland, believes that being well rounded is the key to success. “Join many clubs to explore all your interests. Explore career options with virtual job shadows. It’ll help you chose a pathway throughout high school.” She also believes that interaction with high school students and asking them questions about what high school is like can also be beneficial. I agree with Ms. Krohnert’s idea. If I didn’t join Future Business Leaders of America in seventh grade, I would have never developed my interest in technology.

Another teacher, Dr. Tyler Campbell, had another perspective on the topic. He believes that personal responsibility is the key to high school success. Many students depend on their teachers during middle school to push them to work and do well on assessments. However, in high school, there aren’t as many punishments in place if a student does not finish his or her work. The students are expected to take their own initiative if they want to succeed.

Jhon Parra, a current junior at GSMST and fellow Creekland graduate, agrees. “I wish I could have learned how to set up a better sleep and work schedule so that I could use that in high school as well.”

In conclusion, even though I have seen peers who have grown as better students throughout their high school career, I still strongly believe the process is much better facilitated if it begins in middle school. And I know Creekland was the best place for me to discover who I am today.