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Work Harder, but Also Work Smarter!

David Kim, a congressional candidate running for Georgia’s 7th district, is the founder of C2 Education. In college, he had a different view of what his future would look like and it did not include opening a business and running for the House of Representatives. He started C2 Education in Baltimore in 1999 because he noticed that “parents and kids have so many questions about the whole college application process.” The motto of C2 Education is “Be Smarter” and this was chosen because people can work harder but they can also work smarter. The idea is to tell students to work hard, but to also work smart in order to achieve better results.

When asked how he got the money to start this business, David Kim stated, “No one would give me the money.” He worked at the library, as an economics and SAT tutor, he cleaned dorms, and more in order to save money to go to graduate school to study economics. Roughly $25,000 dollars were saved and instead of using that money for graduate school, he put it towards his company. In addition, Kim opened fifteen credit card accounts to get more money.

Although he stepped away from being the CEO of C2 Education in 2015, he is still a member of the board, a full-time publisher of magazine called Teen Ink, and he is dedicated to his campaign for Congress. He believes that many people are running in the democratic primary because the congressional records make the current 7th district representative “vulnerable.” If he were to win the seat, he would want to improve transportation in his district. He wants to engage with his people and not conform to the congressional approval rating of less than twenty percent. He wants to do his district better.