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PRHS Junior Classical League (JCL)

Peachtree Ridge’s Junior Classical League, or JCL as most students call it, is a Classics based club that emphasizes the influence of Greco-Roman culture on modern day society. JCL creates a comfortable environment where students can make friends and learn as they please, while consistently promoting a reverence for the past.

Peachtree Ridge’s Junior Classical League has grown and become more organized as the years continue, with this school year looking to be the most successful for the club so far. The first meeting in August showed promise as more students than last year came and left contact information. Most of the club meetings involve some fun activities ranging from watching a movie to bingo, all Classics related. The officers along with Mrs. Sellers hope to continue growing with the club, and to make each year more fun and interesting than the one before.

JCL has two main events each year: Fall Forum and State Convention. Fall Forum takes place in October at a host high school, this year at North Gwinnett High School on October 21. The event lasts half a day, starting in the morning and ending in the afternoon, and contains a multitude of activities. Attendees can engage in academic, artistic, and athletic competitions, socializing, and workshops on topics such as cooking or bee keeping. State Convention is the largest event that GJCL hosts, taking place at the Rock Eagle 4H center. The convention is essentially a bigger, better version of Fall Forum that spans multiple days in April. All who elect to go enjoy a wonderful chance to have fun, lean, and meet people from all parts of Georgia.