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Publisher’s Letter

There’s a lot to love about Gwinnett. Outstanding schools, from K-12 to college and beyond. Award-winning parks. World-class entertainment performing in venues just moments from home.

Professional sports with a hometown feel. Restaurants of every type and taste. Comprehensive healthcare options. A dynamic business community.

You have the inside scoop on it all right at your fingertips in this biggest-ever issue of Best of Gwinnett. Our list of winners, chosen by readers votes and editors picks, is a tremendous resource. It’s an exhaustive compilation of great things to do, places to visit, businesses to choose and yummy things to eat. It’s your guide to everything from accountants to artists, coffee houses to candy stores, lawyers to limo services. You’re going to want to hold on it to, refer to it, make some notes and even dog ear some pages. That’s all fine with us. We hope you’ve worn it out by the time next year’s issue arrives.

As extensive as Best of Gwinnett is, it naturally focuses on the tangible things we all love about our community. Places we can go, goods and services we can buy, events we can attend. But there’s more to love about Gwinnett – something that’s harder to quantify, harder to articulate, harder to capture in words and pictures.

It’s that spirit of Gwinnett that we love. An attitude of collaboration. Cooperation. Hard work. Compassion and generosity. Always willing and always able to pitch in and help each other.

It is that spirit we are honored to celebrate in this year’s Best of Gwinnett.

All our best,

Dana K. Urrutia